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[Cercocasa] Seek for Monolocale in the area of Bologna

Dear all,

I am a visiting scientist for 3 years at ISMAR and am looking for a studio
(monolocale) in the area of Bolognina / Corticella or San Donato /
University or  San Vitale / Irnerio / Massarenti, from the 1st of April. I
am confortable in any kind of environment but wish the studio to be
bright, high enough (I am quite tall) and with a garage. If there is a
garden or a park next to, it is even better (can be in the countryside).
The price between 400 and 800 euros (all included).
Please call me at 0516398871 or email me to
tugdual.gauchery@bo.ismar.cnr.it if any information.

Thank you very much,


Tugdual Gauchery

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