Cerco/offro casa (camera, posto letto, eccetera)

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[Cercocasa] Accommodation Bologna

Assegnista cerca CON URGENZA un posto letto in bilocale o camera singola in appartamento condiviso

il contatto e'

Segue sua mail di specifica:
I am mostly looking into bilocale or single rooms in shared apartments (although I'm not too comfortable
sharing an apartment with young students). I looked at immobiliare.it, subito.it, idealista, mioaffito
 and casa.it. I also found some short-term stays on erasmus.com, but they are too expensive
(~800-1000eur per month) and I might not be eligible for it anyway.
I also contacted some rental agencies via email and they did not respond either. 

Giovanna Balzani

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