Room 105 - "Main Lecture Theatre"

Simultaneous Translation

  • 2 booths with cable designed for transmission in the main lecture theatre (transmission and translation equipment not supplied)

10-seat round table additional meeting rooms

  • two rooms located in the rear of the stage, equipped with network connections and designed for small meetings, usable as a center slides, press office, completion of the preparation of the interventions of the speakers or other uses


  • 4 sockets on the wired network on speaker's desktop
  • all the main room is covered with wireless network (accessible in secure mode with password, or with Eduroam credentials)


  • continuous dimming with 8 preselected configurations
  • wall-switches in the hall and in direction and projection booths, plus an infrared remote control
  • it is possible to add theater-style lights (3 right - 3 left room)

In case of emergency

  • Recorded message activated by porter's lodge for room evacuation alert in case of emergency